Why Does SLM Ask For My MyKW.KW.com Username And Password?

Hi there!

If you’re seeing this page you have probably clicked the “Why?” link on one of our questionnaires above a field asking for your MyKW username and password.

We ask for that information because we are not KW International, Dotloop, Placester, or Market Leader. We are not in charge of any of the KW Technology tools provided to you as an associate, so the only access we have is the same access that you have, through your account.

To put it another way, we have no admin access to your accounts within MyKW. We can only do the things that you can do within your account, because we are logging in as you.

Because of this, we require your MyKW username and password in order to perform most of our support services, including the initial setup of all of your KW Technology tools.

Rest assured that since our inception in 2012, we have never had an issue with unauthorized parties getting their hands on any login information. Your data is safe with us! We delete any login information provided for a support request as soon as it is completed, which is why we ask for it anew for each new request.

So please make sure that you enter the correct usernames and passwords into any of our support forms, so that we can handle your request as quickly as possible!