5 Simple Tips to Make Your Instagram Bio Stand Out

By Anne Leonard

Have you ever read an Instagram bio that was so unique and interesting that you followed the account immediately? With a little know-how, you can have the same effect on users with a carefully curated Instagram bio of your own. Here are five simple tips to make your Instagram bio stand out.

1. Choose your profile photo wisely.

Even if your Instagram is strictly for your business, it’s important that you use your personal headshot instead of your logo. When users see your headshot, they can identify with the person and face of the company. This also benefits you when you comment or follow accounts since users are more likely to view you as an actual person instead of a spam account if they only see a logo. The only exception for using a logo would be if you’re a major corporation such as Nike or Whole Foods.

2. Make your Instagram bio short and sweet.

You only have 150 characters to sum up you and your business. Try starting with a few words that specifically describe your brand, then build off of those key terms. It’s also important to grab your reader’s attention, be engaging and present yourself uniquely, which leads to the next tip.

3. Don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Just because your Instagram account is for your brand doesn’t mean you have to be strictly business in your bio. Add some personal, quirky traits to amp up your bio. For instance, you could say, “Dessert, first.” It’s unique, yet it shows your followers a glimpse into your personality in just two words.

4. Break up your bio with emojis.

Emojis are a nice way to quickly relate with your audience. They’re also a great avenue for adding fun to an otherwise strictly professional environment. Emojis are also helpful for minimizing character usage since they can stand in for words.

5. Add your email to your bio.

When you add your email to your bio, this makes it much easier for your audience to contact you directly. While you could place your website in your bio, including your email address makes it that much easier for others to contact you if they’re interested in featuring you or collaborating with you.

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