6 Steps to Maximizing Your Results with Facebook Advertising

By Anne Leonard

Last year, Facebook advertising brought in $6.8 billion in advertising revenue, which is a near $2 million increase from 2015.

With more than 1 billion users across Facebook, it’s a no-brainer that this is where you should be focusing your advertising. Not only is Facebook advertising cost-effective, the platform is leading the charge among other platforms such as Instagram.

Once you open the Ads Manager in Facebook, walk through these six simple steps to in order to maximize your results.

Step 1: Narrow down your objective.

To help narrow down the focus of your ad, it’s important choose your overall objective. Choose between running your ad via auction or by reach and frequency. Then, choose the type of ad: awareness, consideration or conversion.

*Tip: You may select ‘awareness,’ if you have a small budget.

Step 2: Choose your audience.

This is the most crucial step since your audience is who you will be targeting with your ad. You can create and audience from the available options or choose a custom or lookalike audience.

Step 3: Place your ad.

There are seven placements to choose from when advertising with Facebook: desktop, desktop right side, mobile, Instagram, audience network (extends beyond Facebook), instant articles or in-stream video. For additional information about choosing the best ad placement for you, click here.

Step 4: Set your budget and schedule.

From as little as $1 per day to $40 per day, it’s time to determine how much you can pay daily or for the entirety of the campaign. Here’s a breakdown of the fees depending on your preferences:

  • Impressions: $1/day
  • Clicks, Likes, video views or post engagement: $5/day
  • Low frequency events: $40/day

Step 5: Create your ad.

You can either choose an existing post or create a new ad. When you go to create a new ad, you’ll be prompted to choose from five formats: carousel, single image, single video, slideshow or canvas. Keep in mind that the available formats may vary depending on your chosen objective from Step 1. Once you create your ad, you’ll be up and running!

Step 6: Track your results.

Go to the Campaign Dashboard where you can view your ad’s results. Here, you can tell whether or not your ad is successful. In the dashboard, you can also view multiple ads at once as well as customize how you view your report.

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