7 Clever Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn

By Anne Leonard


It can be intimidating trying to stand out on LinkedIn among millions of other people using the platform. But, don’t be discouraged! Here are seven clever ways you can use the platform discreetly in order to build fantastic professional connections.

1. Curate your content for the platform

To stand out on LinkedIn, you have to make sure that the content you post is curated for the platform. For instance, the content you use for Instagram or Twitter is quite different compared to LinkedIn content. In addition, make sure you are up to date on the current topics of your industry and use those as inspiration for your content.

2. Endorse your connections

While endorsing your connections seems like a small act, it’s a clever and quick way to stand out on LinkedIn. When your connections endorse you for your skills, you should return the favor and endorse theirs as well. To endorse a connection, you simply click the “plus” sign next to the skill on their profile.

3. Make your profile public

Sure, this seem’s like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial for your profile to be public so that you can found throughout the site and on Google. In addition to being found in search engines, make sure to use keywords in your job description, summary, headline, etc.

4. Engage with your connections

The next time you upload a new article, photo or other content, tag your connections in your post. By doing so, your audience will see that you are engaging with your connections and their interests. Be careful to not overuse the tagging feature as this will appear to be spam content.

5. Target your posts with sponsored updates

If it’s in your budget to do so, use the sponsored updates feature in order to reach your target audience. This feature allows you to adjust the targeting options to ensure that you reach your ideal audience.

6. Request a recommendation

Using the Request a Recommendation feature is another great way to build engagement among your connections. Though, this is especially helpful for building your endorsements. Seek out your connections to recommend your products or services, then make sure to return the favor for them as well.

7. Utilize LinkedIn Analytics

With LinkedIn Analytics, you can view detailed information about your audience in order to learn more about them. In addition to knowing who looks at your profile, you can also view data about your posts in order to gauge what works and doesn’t work for your audience.

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