5 Scientifically Proven LinkedIn Marketing Methods

By Anne Leonard

Scientifically Proven LinkedIn Marketing Methods Scott Le Roy Marketing

Wondering how to market yourself on LinkedIn? Here are some scientifically proven LinkedIn marketing methods to gain new clients.

1. Post and share content.

When you post and share fresh, actionable content, this LinkedIn marketing method is key to engaging and building business relationships within your community. LinkedIn reported that shared content generates an average of 9 billion impressions each week.

2. Use statistics.

People are more likely to read your content when it contains statistics. The LinkedIn marketing team reported that statistics within statuses generated 162 percent more impressions than those without.

3. Write shorter statuses.

The shorter your LinkedIn statuses, the better. If you’re not careful with the length of your statuses, there’s the chance that they’ll get lost in the mix. When business professionals are scanning statuses, they’re looking for information that’s quick, yet intriguing, to digest. Studies showed that statuses containing a maximum of 150 characters boosted engagement by 18 percent.

4. Offer free content to gain leads.

Content such as free webinars or free books can help gain potential customers via LinkedIn. As you share useful and relevant free content, you’re laying the foundation for a successful business relationship.

5. Choose your words wisely.

Certain “buzz” words are sure lead magnets. For example, using the word ‘guide’ instead of ‘eBook’ increased click-through rates by 100 percent. LinkedIn has a built-in advanced search feature to assist you in targeting your niche audiences. Search for targeted terms such as the job title or industry to narrow your search. Once you narrow your search, connect with those business professionals and send them your free content. Lastly, include their business title in the headline before sending them a message. For example, bloggers could be targeted with a headline like this: “5 Ways Bloggers Can Use LinkedIn to Gain Followers.”

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