Branding Tips For The New Year

By Hannah M.

Branding Tips For The New Year

The New Year is The Perfect Time to Polish Your Brand!

When you create your professional online presence, there are some key factors to remember! Be sure to personalize your brand in order to make a unique appearance, but keep it professional.

Tips to Create A Professional Online Presence:

Tip 1: Review your online presentation

Your social media presentation and brand image is what will catch your client’s eye at first; therefore, one of the most important marketing aspects to attend to.

Professional Headshot

Your professional headshot is the top aspect of your brand you’ll want to tailor. Since this will be the face of your business, you want to make sure it’s professional and follow these key headshot tips below.

• Choose Your Background Wisely

Firstly, choose a clean, solid background. You don’t want to distract from the face of your business! Another factor that could be distracting to clients is heavy editing of your headshot, which brings us to the second tip:

Limit editing

Your clients want to know who is handling their business so your headshot or team photo should represent as appropriately as possible.

A final tip on your professional headshot:

Customers want to know they can trust you with their business while having a sense of familiarity, so dress professionally and be sure give a friendly smile! Try to use a selfie as a last resort only and be aware of your background setting; a solid, clean background is always best. A button-down or blouse with a sleek jacket is a great way to spruce up your professional photos.

Be Specific!

Another component of your online presentation to review and update if needed is your professional biography or business statement. Be as specific as possible about your information while detailing your business experience for future clients. This is an important part of familiarizing yourself with clients, so a coherent analysis of your business agenda is critical to your business. You’ll also want to be specific about what area your business operates in and list at least five cities surrounding the market center that you serve.

While reviewing your online presentation, be sure to review your brand urls. You’ll want to be certain where to direct clients to find your business online! Keeping brand urls consistent can greatly help this. Once you have your social media handles and website addresses organized, you can add them to your business cards to easily market to clients.

As always, stay professional! Let your clients get to know you personally by mentioning your family, but be detailed and specific on business expertise.

Tip 2: Keep Your Online Appearance Constant

In order to successfully market your brand, you will want to keep your overall online appearance uniform. Your online appearance is all things such as your professional photo, website urls, social media handles and more. Anything that you can keep constant, do so! This is a specific marketing tactic that provides a visual experience that will increase your familiarity and brand recognition. If you have a specific name you’d like to have represent your business, it’s recommended to use that in all website addresses and social media handles. Keeping your brand images and representation consistent is extremely important to boosting your SEO, a crucial aspect to online marketing.

Tip 3: Market Your Professional Brand Correctly

One of the first stepst to marketing your professional brand correctly is to understand the fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Read about the best ways to use SEO to boost your business here!

Other ways to market your brand is to start by customizing your websites and utilizing social media to work in your favor. LinkedIn can be a great marketing tool that is fantastic for monitoring business. The more you interact with clients and other businesses online, the more visible your brand will be!

Starting a blog is another way to professionally market your business. Before starting your blog, send out a quick survey to your clients and get an idea of what area of expertise they would be most interested in hearing about!

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Refresh Your Brand Often

In conclusion, to successfully market your brand, there are many moving parts to pay attention to. Starting with the foundations of building your brand image can be slow, but once you begin to use the plethora of tools available online consistently to build your reputation, you can watch your efforts pay off and reap the business benefits.

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