Welcome to the SLM 30 Day Challenge

This challenge is meant to help you launch your myKW platform and get a jump start on your KW Tools/ Online Marketing. To download the challenge print off, please click here.


Please take a look at these additional helpful tips to complete our challenge in 30 days or less:


Day 1: Send the requested info to support@scottleroymarketing.com.

(For existing agents not at 100% profile completion, please fill out this form: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/100-profile-completion)

Day 2: www.slmwebinar.com

Day 3: www.slmtraining.com

Day 4: Send the requested contacts to support@scottleroymarketing.com. Please contact for information on how to export your contacts properly.

Day 5: Please click here to purchase a domain for $.99 for the first year if needed. Please fill out this short form to have this moved over for you: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/domain-forwarding

Day 6: Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Facebook Pages.

Day 7: Please click here and check out our new video to create new groups.

Day 8: See Day 7 to organize contacts.

Day 9: Check your myKW Setup Email for your APP URL to Download.

Day 10: Click the share option on your KW APP to share with 5-10 people.

Day 11: www.slmtraining.com (search for Placester 101)

Day 12: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/email-campaign-setup

Day 13: See Office Staff For Help

Day 14: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/kw-calendar-to-gmail

Day 15: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/kw-com-email-forwarding

Day 16: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support/qr-code-creation

Day 17: Search for Profit Dash on the APP or Play Store.

Day 18: www.slmtraining.com (search for Placester 201)

Day 19: www.slmtips.com (search for contacts)

Day 20: Check out www.slmwebinar.com part 3 for help on creating a marketing piece.

Day 21: Contact SLM Support for further help.

Day 22: Check out www.slmwebinar.com part 3 for help on creating a marketing piece and posting.

Day 23: www.google.com/business

Day 24: biz.yelp.com

Day 25: www.merchantcircle.com/signup

Day 26: www.bingplaces.com

Day 27: www.youtube.com

Day 28: www.facebook.com/pages

Day 29: www.slmtips.com and www.slmtraining.com

Day 30: www.scottleroymarketing.com/support (email for password)